Business Design Innovators in Canberra

Business Design Innovators in Canberra

Captivate Interior Design

Your business’ interior design can make or break the first impression you make on customers and clients. Captivate Interior Design specialises in business design that makes an impact. We provide commercial interior design services in Canberra and the greater ACT region. Create instant brand recognition with an interior design style that influences the way your customers and clients feel. Schedule a design consultation with us to get started.

Our Design Director

The Director of Captivate Interior Design, James Moloney, is an experienced interior decorator and passionate about impactful design. James’ professional background includes interior design, painting and decorating in retail and restaurant environments. James brings with him a strong passion for design, natural creative flair and an inspiring approach to colour.

Influential Brand Identity

Captivate Interior Design understands the importance of a strong brand identity. We use business design to make a connection between your concept, mission, target market and more.

Design Qualifications

James Moloney has an impressive resume with plenty of professional qualifications to bolster his commercial interior design experience.

  • Bachelor of Interior Design at University of Canberra ACT
  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Design Canberra Institute of Technology, Reid Canberra
  • Diploma in Interior Residential Design CIT Reid ACT
  • Trade Certificate in Painting and Decorating PPTC Skills Perth WA

Business Design Solves Problems

As commercial interior decorators, we must consider how the design of a space influences the customer experience. Thoughtful design requires planning, communication, collaboration, and understanding.

Captivate Interior Design


We take our time to plan the perfect layout and design style for every business. We use CAD software to visualise your dream design.

Captivate Interior Design


We thrive on open communication and transparency every step of the way. If you like or don’t like something, we want to talk about it.

Captivate Interior Design


Creating a business design that speaks to you is most important to us. Our interior design process is entirely collaborative.

Captivate Interior Design


Getting to know your business goals and brand identity helps us create a design that will resonate with your company’s personality and target audience.







Captivate Interior Design

Thinking of Redesigning the Interior of Your Business? Call Us On 0404 805 945 To Get Started.

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