Cost-Effective Business Interior Design in Canberra

Cost-Effective Business Interior Design in Canberra

Captivate Interior Design

You don’t need a large budget to enhance your existing space, just the creative and resourceful business interior design solutions Captivate Interior Design brings to the table. We transform the decor of your restaurant, retail shop, office or medical facility to help you create stronger connections with clients and customers.

Latest Commercial Design Trends

Captivate Interior Design will keep your business on the cutting edge of commercial interior design. We use Auto CAD, innovative graphic design software that allows you to visualise your space and fine-tune design elements virtually before applying them in real life.

Professional Design for Your Brand

Captivate Interior Design will work with you from start to finish, to complete your project on time, within budget and leaving you with a space that will captivate and inspire.
We believe in:

  • Creating captivating interior solutions
  • Value for money
  • Professional service
  • Quality and perfection of workmanship

Thorough Business Interior Design Process

Captivate Interior Design provides a turnkey commercial interior design service that starts with a consultation and ends with a project completed on time and within budget.
We will:

  • Work with you to identify requirements
  • Develop captivating concepts for new or refurbishment jobs
  • Help you build a strong brand identity
  • Provide colour consultation
  • Offer environmentally sustainable product solutions
  • Present a visual presentation of possible solutions, 2D & 3D
  • Liaise with tradespeople, contractors and suppliers
  • Develop documentation and tender packages
  • Work on the project through to completion
  • Work within timeframes and budget

Our Recommended Suppliers

Captivate Interior Design

Designing Solutions

We specialise in thoughtful, strategic business interior design that solves problems and supports company goals.

Captivate Interior Design

Reflecting Value

We understand the values that make your business special and bring them out with the interior design.

Captivate Interior Design

Working Professionally

Our team maintains professionalism throughout the entire design process. We’re transparent, communicative, friendly and strategic.

Captivate Interior Design

Creating Quality

We bring value to your business while honouring your time and budget. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship for every project.

Captivate Interior Design

It’s Time to Get with The Commercial Design Trends! to Discuss Your Interior Design Needs, Call Us on 0404 805 945 Or Send Us an Email.

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